Level up the Excitement for your next Hunting Adventure with a German Short haired Pointer!

Hunting in the wild is such a fun and satisfying activity, right? But it could be more exciting when you have a partner who can share the ‘adrenaline rush’ throughout the ‘hunt’. German Short-haired Pointers (GPS) will be an excellent dog for you to share it with!

German Short-haired Pointer: A Short Character Sketch

The German Short haired Pointer can be described as a medium to large size breed of dog which came from Germany in the 19th century. Its head is proportioned in its body and its skull is broad, round and slightly arched on both sides. It has large nose and has dark-brown medium-sized eyes. Its floppy ears are large and set high on its head. Another significant feature on this breed is the short, sleek and dense coat of liver which can be either patched or ticked.

It has powerful, strong legs which aid them to move fast. This breed is known to be energetic and an excellent partner in hunting.

This type of breed is not advised for apartment life since they are very active and playful. You try to confine them in the kennel and you’ll be surprised how great escape artists they are! They can actually jump over a fence lower than 6 feet in height.

Other names given to the German Short-haired Pointer are Deutsch Kurzhaar, GSP, and German Short-haired Pointing Dog.

What makes the German Shorthaired Pointer an Excellent Hunting Dog?

More and more hunters are considering this breed for hunting. Today, GPS is one of the top 20 breeds recognized by The American Kennel Club. If you’re wondering why and starting to become more intrigued, here are the reasons why:

GPS is a hunting dog by nature

It’s actually one of the most energetic among other breeds. It loves activities with its owner such as jogging, walking, long walk, or regular hunting. Moreover, GPS requires a lot of vigorous exercise and running and need to be done with trainings to develop more its natural hunting instincts.

They are clever and fond of learning with its owner

This breed can learn a lot of interesting things; however, they have a tendency to be easily distracted with sights, scents and noise. Owners must focus on that point during training.

German Short-haired Pointer possesses an exceptional sense of smell

This breed can pinpoint the target birds without any alarm, thus your gun can aim at an in-range shot.

It has a great body built and enormous stamina

Not only they are intelligent, this breed has stiff muscles they can also easily climb rugged hills and difficult terrains. They can adapt and survive the heat and fierce surroundings.

They are people-oriented

This breed develops a strong attachment with its owner and can be very submissive and manipulative. It acts as a sensible watchdog and always dependable. However, once bored, this dog can develop separation anxiety.

Caring and Training for GPS

It’s important to note that this breed also requires proper care and training. One such thing is the possible animal aggression. Most German Short-haired Pointers deal well with other animals but some others have the tendency to become more aggressive.

Consistent training (both physical and mental) must also be done in order not to cease the regular chances to enhance their energy and make them keener on your next adventures.

So, if you’re heading for your next hunting escapade, a GPS might just be your best companion!

All things in order

All things are in order and the new schedule is updated with a meet-up in May and upcoming events that at least one member of the GSPC will attend to.

If you feel like joining the GSP club or just want to meet like-minded people you are welcome to attend any of the events. Leave us a message in the contact for with your details so that we can meet up and have a chat.